Prints Jackson


  • Illustration
  • Digital Art
  • Creative Direction

Project Overview

In 2014, a musician decided to create a song every month until the day he dies. That musician is Prints Jackson and as well as producing a song each month, artwork is created for each song and he asked me to create artwork for one of his incredible monthly instalments ‘Hey Beeline’.

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Having listened to the track about 50 times to get a feel and with each listen took me on a journey of design of what I felt the artwork would look like.

So having sketched out numerous ideas and concepts, and with less than a week deadline from start through to completion I got stuck in and designed the same thought of what kept coming back over and over again in my head upon the numerous plays of the track.  This was the ‘giant screaming mouth’ with no face on a nostalgic vintage colour palette of a muted sunset yellow with a gradient banded magenta and blue sun.

Sounds a bit mad, but thats what music does, it takes you on a journey…