Concept Bikes


  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Strategy
  • Creative Direction
  • Packaging Design
  • Digital Design

Project Overview

Concept Bikes was bicycle shop which opened in Cardiff in 2011, it offers a range of customised bikes and high quality tools and items all around cycling. The design conveys a sense of precision and quality. Simplicity and the focus on customisable shapes to reflect the bikes are relevant features of this brand identity.



From the initial brief to design a starter-kit of identity material with the logo elements being the main focus, the guys at Concept Bikes were great in agreeing to the extra suggestions I made by including a printed catalogue, stationary and apparel clothing to the identity collateral.

With the logo design I wanted it to be a curvaceous and and have different ‘parts’ and ‘segments’ making up the letters to portray the same concept of parts of a bike coming together.  I also wanted it to convey a high-end, elegant look and feel to it.

By adding boldness to the logo, it ended up being a simple logotype and standalone brandmark with just enough character to be memorable.


Being a small bike shop starting out the budget was tight, so a DIY approach to the stationery was taken. By using an embossing tool and making a custom stamp of the ‘CB’ logo mark , it was an elegant way to gain a unique effect to the printed collateral. Compared to printing and doing embossing at the printing house it is inexpensive and quick. You can change the type of paper you are using or the material but the concept of embossing the logo remains.

As well as designing the website it was agreed to do a run of printed catalogues to be displayed in store and shipped with purchases made, and these judged to have gone down very well.


I wanted the Concept Bikes site to be a guided affair as close to an instore experience as possible. Animation ushers the customer through each step in the experience, with bicycle product specifications, additions, multiple angles of each bike in the collection photographed.

The site was designed to be simple to use on any digital platform from mobile phone to a tablet. Information is concise, quickly seen, and presented with smooth scrolling pages. The focus is always kept on the product.