Got Beef


  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Strategy
  • Creative Direction
  • Packaging Design
  • Digital Design

Project Overview

Got Beef was established in 2010 as a pop-up and gradually became so popular it opened it’s first restaurant in 2013. I was asked to create a new logo and brand identity for the new casual burger restaurant. The owners prided themselves on sourcing local, healthy and organic ingredients. Local ingredients are served up with unique and inventive combinations that offers a fresh approach to the American burger.

Design Identity

Keeping the brand playful and illustrative was a goal from the start. The playful nature of the identity provided a perfect platform to educate and inform customers about their food and where it came from without sounding preachy and forceful. So by introducing this information into the identity in the form of illustrations and icons gives the brand real distinctive look and feel.

Burger Logo’s

The unique Got Beef burger combinations are so unique they have they’re own names and titles. So with this in mind I wanted to create a distinctive standalone logo for each different burger on the menu with each logo linked to the burger’s title.

Advertising & Illustration

As well as the printed stationary and restaurant identity collateral, a few local advertisements were designed and created and placed in local newspapers and magazines.

Menu Design

The Got Beef menu was designed using a grid which showcases the burgers in all their glory and ‘sides’ etc, well on the side. Where else?

The menu is double sided and handed to the customer on vintage rustic clipboards. On the reverse of the menu is the branding illustration graphics in either the black or gold colour palette.