• Brand Identity
  • Print Materials
  • Creative Direction
  • Advertising Campaign
  • Digital Design

Project Overview

The UNOVA WOMAN project was designed to bring together a unified portfolio brand identity for Women’s Health range of services offered by Mylan. It was a complicated structure which they had and the job was to simplify this and make it easy, clear and concise to unify the separate portfolios to the sit under the over aching UNOVA WOMEN brand.

Research and Competitor Analysis

The initial research began by segmenting the direct competitor logo’s into organisation type to understand how women’s health is communicated by our competitors.  From this we can see that providing women’s health portfolio’s with an identity has not been a priority for our direct competitors such as Merck, Johnson&Johnson and Allergen. It is clear that we can leverage this opportunity and develop an identity for Mylan Women’s Health that differentiates Mylan from their competitors.

The competitor brand colours were placed on to a colour spectrum to see which colours are most widely used by our competitors. This enables us to identify gaps that allow us to differentiate  the brand by exploring other colour palettes.





The word mark created for UNOVA is a flexible logo system designed in order to enhance the concept of individuality. By using this logo system it ensures that multiple iterations of the mark (or series of marks) to communicate the specific brand area can change with each viewing.

The logo is based on the typeface Cera stencil but custom rounded edges were added to give it more friendly feel. The colour chosen was in the corporate colour of Mylan blue to maintain that strong link with the Mylan brand.

Brand Guidelines

The UNOVA Guidelines book is designed to explain the brand right through from the key brand messages to  displaying all rules and regulations of how the identity works along the way. Comprehensive guidance on the implementation and use of icons, logos and colours across different materials is all set to ensure consistency of the brand throughout all online and offline materials.

Brand Element Icons

With a flexible logo system in place, a library of abstract textures icons which are based on attributes of different women (curly hair, wrinkly skin, big beautiful eyes, freckles etc.) As well las the physical attributes, emotional attributes (happy, sad, pensive etc.) were also included in the library.

Brand Architecture

The UNOVA Woman identity has been developed with two levels of brand architecture. The UNOVA Woman corporate level identity is used when leading the communication with the UNOVA corporate brand, and there is no focus on specific therapy areas.

UNOVA Woman therapy area level identity is used when leading the communication with any particular therapy area. This level should always be connected and should sit under the UNOA corporate brand.


There were a variety of models chosen for the shoot to be shot across a couple of days for different brand therapy areas. The idea being that the lifestyle images of the women worked in harmony with the vibrant designed brand background elements which we were able to test roughly on set.

Brand Identity Collateral

The iconic identity can be used on communication materials in different combinations to portray the feeling of individuality. Below are examples of the identity in use to create a ‘wallpaper’ type texture which can be used on home screens, posters, brochure covers and throughout the layout etc.

Ad Campaign Designs

The advertising poster layouts were designed to the womanly touch of a lifestyle image of a woman with the graphic iconic identity backgrounds to link back to the brand.  The posters also displayed inspirational quotes about women and the UNOVA brand logo to give a real striking look and feel unique to UNOVA.

Box Set Design

The UNOVA boxset contained 6 printed brochures, 5 for each of the brand therapy areas and also 1 corporate brochure explain the whole brand message and all of what UNOVA is about.