I illustrated the picture in picture imagery for the Nicotinell ads with the idea being you have 24 hours before the patch runs out so get back to what you know and continue living your life without the cravings for a cigarette.


Produce illustrations for Nestle Nesquik cereal which will be both online and on printed campaign materials as well as designing cereal box packaging showcasing this new illustrative look and feel.


Commissioned by Leicester City with a fast turn around on the weekend of them clinching the championship. This was displayed on their social media and made a podcast cover art thumbnail.


It isn’t something I openly advertise but every now and again a mate will ask for some invitations done, I’ll always lend a hand if I have time although usually ‘just a quick invitation’ design turns into me branding the whole wedding!


I love drawing and all mediums of art from paint to the pencil. Heres a pen and ink drawing of a house with a 2004 Nissan Micra in the driveway.

I have learned a lot on the most effective approach for any project, be it a logo design, a binding campaign, editorial layouts, UI and UX interface design or websites. The approach that always brings the most effective deliverable is the 5 D’s

Discuss, Discover, Design, Develop and Deliver.

The discovery phase is the very foundation of the entire project. Before any work begins, I learn the history, objectives, limitations, and expectations to help set achievable goals. I start by setting time frames, establishing budgets, and defining areas of responsibility.

I establish design criteria that will guide the project and help achieve the goals defined in the discovery phase. I usually present three different concept directions – different looks, different colors, different approaches – but they all hit the same objectives.

This is the phase where concept and design are made into reality. Blending research, art, craft and science, I develop the design that best represents the objectives that were established in the prior two phases.

This is the phase that moves your project one step closer to the tangible work. This stage includes finalizing production, verifying the accuracy, and double-checking with vendors to ensure it will be on time and delivered where and when it should be.